Bryan Harsin or Major Applewhite: Who will Texas pick?

By Kris Hughes

In one of the most exciting days in the sports world over the past few months several rumors were confirmed and several others circulated without any backing.

Jason Garrett was finally hired by the Dallas Cowboys as their head coach.

Wade Phillips officially joined the Houston Texans as their defensive coordinator.

Under the radar in comparison, former Texas A&M head coach Dennis Franchione was given the head coaching job with new Division I entry, Texas State.

But beyond all of these, the most speculation surrounded the yet to be filled offensive coordinator position with the Texas Longhorns.  Following the interview of Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst on Monday, it had become a foregone conclusion that he would be Texas’ man.

That is, until it was announced that he was interested both in the University of Pittsburgh opening and to be Jason Garrett’s offensive coordinator with the Cowboys.

Full circle. Bryan Harsin, enter stage right.

Bryan Harsin, the current Boise State offensive coordinator, and one of the top young assistants in college football arrived at Austin Bergrstrom International this afternoon, presumably to interview for the offensive coordinator opening which was presumed to have been Chryst’s.  We’ll certainly find out more in the next two days, as Mack Brown will likely try to wrap up the final pieces of his coaching staff prior to Monday night’s National Championship game.

Where does this leave Longhorn favorite Major Applewhite? The answer is, who knows? Major would seem to be a decent fit for the OC job, but with all of the candidates that have been paraded in and out of Bellmont Hall the last few days it looks much less likely than before.

Could Harsin and Applewhite share the reins of the offense as co-coordinators? Perhaps. But at what cost?

If Applewhite is passed over for the offensive coordinator job this time around, he will probably be much less likely to stay loyal when the next opportunity presents itself. Something no Longhorn fan wants to see happen.

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