BYU's Brandon Davies Is No Martyr

By Kris Hughes

Brigham Young basketball player Brandon Davies did something which is the norm on normal college campuses across the country, he had pre-marital sex with his girlfriend.

BYU is not a normal college campus.

The university’s strict honor code based on the religious tenets of the Mormon faith expressly prohibits pre-marital sex.

Regardless of how arcane this may seem to people who are not familiar with the honor code’s purpose, it is taken very seriously by those in the Mormon establishment and among leadership at BYU.

When Brandon Davies signed his National Letter of Intent to play for BYU prior to entering college, he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

BYU has never made any effort to hide that it is first, and foremost, an institution which promotes the growth of the Mormon faith.

Students attending BYU often take mission trips which extend their collegiate careers with the prime goal of growing the religion’s foundation in places where people may not have been exposed to it previously.

No one forced him to attend a school which does things differently, this is a decision he made of his own accord.

It was also his decision to risk breaking the honor code by having a sexual relationship with his girlfriend.

Nineteen to 23 year old males make mistakes. There is no questioning that.

Mistakes lead to consequences.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Brandon Davies for the negative attention the whole ordeal has brought onto himself and BYU.

The Cougars’ chances at a national championship run are now greatly diminished due to his absence, as was noticable in their blowout loss to the New Mexico Lobos last evening.

Go on and feel sorry for Brandon Davies, it’s the human thing to do.

BYU is only adhering to its standards and Davies’ actions warrant his punishment.

He’s an unfortunate example of a risky decision gone bad.

Not a martyr.

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