NBA 2K12 covers will feature Bird, Jordan, Johnson

By Kris Hughes


Video gamers across the country–and the world, for that matter–wait with bated breath for announcements to come on cover athletes.

This is especially true for EA Sports’ Madden and NCAA Football series of games. It’s amazing to read forums online and see just how important it is to gamers who graces the cover.

2KSports, publisher of the immensely popular NBA 2K series of basketball video games is taking a little different strategy this time around, using three former legends to grace its cover. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson will each appear individually on covers of 2K12 when the game officially launches on October 12.

Jordan signed a multi-year likeness deal with 2KSports a few years back which allows game programmers and marketers to use his likeness within the game as a playable character but also in marketing and promotional materials. With Bird and Johnson being added to the mix on the covers, it’s reasonable to assume that 2KSports has something up their sleeves to use them in the game as well.

Speculation is running rampant in the gaming community on how each could be added to the game, perhaps either as additions to the current Celtics, Bulls, or Lakers rosters or in a separate mode all-together which focuses on some of the NBA game’s legendary players.

However it turns out, this announcement proves that 2KSports is nipping at EA Sports’ heels for supremacy in the basketball gaming market, if they haven’t already surpassed them.

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