Philadelphia 76er Spencer Hawes Voices His Displeasure With Commish David Stern's Salary

By Mike Santa Barbara


Philadelphia 76ers Center Spencer Hawes took to Twitter to voice his displeasure over NBA Commissioner David Stern’s salary.

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It’s been reported that David Stern makes around $23 Million a year. Thanks to The Basketball Jones we know that if Stern’s reported salary is accurate, only Kobe Bryant makes more.

Hard not to argue with Spencer Hawes, and let’s be real Hawes isn’t starving but he’s not breaking the bank either. If more NBA players of Hawes’ caliber continue to voice their opinions, it could make negotiations tougher than they already are. 

It’s obvious that things in the NBA must change. Finding a common ground won’t be easy, nor will convincing the players to give up more of their potential earning power while the Commissioner make $20 + a year. As TBJ mentions, and I agree, David Stern is probably worth the salary he receives. There have been many positives for the NBA during Stern’s 27 years at the helm, but having such a huge and secretive salary certainly won’t help matters.

Perhaps it’s time for a good faith gesture from the commissioner, it’s doubtful but an idea that could get things headed in the right direction. Basketball has never been more popular, it’s clear that it’s a “player’s league,” and they make their money from the players. Thus a 57% cut of BRI (Basketball Related Income) seems fair. The owners have made their own mess, and are now trying to blame the escalating player salaries, that they themselves helped to create, on the players shoulders. When they were simply taking advantage of what they thought was a booming business.

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