How are Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin progressing this off-season?

By Stephanie Lewark


Just as with their individual injuries during last season, the talk surrounding Sidney Crosby’s off-season training and his return to the ice for this upcoming season is somewhat secretive while there has been some buzz around Evgeni Malkin’s return that is likely more definite. 

Word of Crosby’s training this off-season has been pretty non-existent aside from the upload of a single amateur video to YouTube, after it was confirmed by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review he was back on track with on-ice workouts.

For the past few weeks, the Penguins official webpage has been featuring video and a few photos of Malkin’s training – six videos total that show Malkin training both on and off the ice.

Pittsburgh’s strength and conditioning coach, Mike Kadar, flew over toRussia to help Malkin start his Malkin’s off-season (post-knee surgery) regimen.

After watching the videos I’ve been full of anticipation for the season to begin with hope of the exciting things a healthy “two-headed monster” (Crosby and Malkin) could produce.

But after reading what Kadar had to say about his experience with Malkin in Russia and the impression of how his training went (“From Russia with Love: Kadar Q&A), I am convinced that he’s on track to have a great season; perhaps, one of his best yet. 

How did the workouts and training regiment with Malkin go?
I have known ‘Geno’ for five years now and I have never seen him this committed to getting healthier and wanting to do well. It has been an eye-opener for me with his determination and work ethic. He is committed to it every day, and with no short cuts.  

As for the video of Sid skating this summer, it mysteriously showed up on YouTube a few weeks ago and created a small stir on the internet. 

I tried contacting the individual who posted the video on YouTube (CullensVids1) to get a little more information shortly after it was uploaded, but he never responded to my email. 

From what I gathered on my own, Crosby is at the BMO Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia on one of four NHL-size rinks.  The video was taken during the week of July 18th and, despite many assumptions, the person in goal is not Sid’s sister, Taylor Crosby.

With this and the possibility of getting Sid back on the ice at 100 percent I see good things forPittsburghthis season and I’m very anxious to witness it.

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