NFL's use of injured Jamaal Charles in fantasy football ad is tasteless

By Kris Hughes


For all the NFL does to help its fans believe that they “care” about their players and that rule changes are enacted, and enforced, to “protect the players”, the league often sends some really bizarre mixed messages.

Today’s tasteless fantasy football ad on is a shining example. A picture of Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles– who just suffered a season-ending ACL tear– is superimposed on the ad, which uses a tagline “Injury Ruined Your Fantasy Season?”.

The ad appears to be crafted to recruit new players who drafted Charles, encouraging them to start a new league on

This is advertising in its most base and vile form. While the intent is understandable, the execution of the ad is tasteless and inappropriate to put it mildly.

Who gives a crap about the fantasy football players who may be upset about losing Jamaal Charles from their team the Nose Pickers, for the rest of the season?

We’re talking about an injury-prone, but talented running back, who has lost his season to another knee injury, and could be on the precipice of losing his livelihood? Isn’t that more important that how many points the fantasy owner is losing?

It sure seems like fantasy football is becoming far too ingrained in the NFL these days. With the recent mandate that NFL stadiums run fantasy stats during their games– there is less and less separation between the fantasy and reality.

Either way, using an injured Jamaal Charles as a promotional tool for more fantasy players is just ridiculous and should be immediately retracted.

Shame on you NFL.

It’s time you separate reality from fantasy yourselves.

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