The Marlins Are Concerned Albert Pujols is Older Than He Claims

By Living Baseball

The Miami Marlins are apparently concerned about Albert Pujols’ age, but apparently it didn’t stop them from making a 9 year offer worth about 200 million dollars which leads me to think this is nothing more than trying to hurt his value on the open market.

I find this to be ridiculous. Not everyone coming from a different country forges their age. This isn’t the school of Danny Almonte people. This is simply a tactic being used by an ethically questionable organization. Jeffrey Loria and his group of punks don’t really care about anything as long as they get what they want. Good for them. If they thought Pujols was going to come to Miami, they were first of all crazy. Second of all- questioning his age isn’t exactly going to make Albert happy about playing in Miami.

Again this is nothing more than an attempt to lower his value to make Albert Pujols seriously consider the Marlins.

Ultimate Fail.

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