Texans' Vickers accuses PacMan Jones of spitting on him

By Kris Hughes


There are plenty of unwritten rules in the world of competitive sports that have little to do with the way a game is actually executed.

You tip a hat at a batter after hitting them unintentionally with a wild pitch. You don’t steal or bunt with big leads late in games. You don’t press with huge leads late in a basketball game.

And, you certainly, in no circumstances, ever spit on an opponent.

It appears as if the infamous PacMan Jones has violated this rule, as Houston Texans fullback Lawrence Vickers has accused the Bengals CB of spitting on him late in yesterday’s game.

According to Vickers, he grabbed Jones after Jones was twisting running back Ben Tate’s legs on the bottom of a pile up and then the spit flew.

If this turns out to be true, it really should be the the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back for one of the NFL’s most notorious, and consistent malcontents.

Jones has been nothing but trouble for every team he has played for over the course of time, in spite of multiple attempts to clean up and become a better citizen.

Just ask the Dallas Cowboys how bad it can get with this guy in your locker room.

It’s difficult to believe that Lawrence Vickers would have any reason to imply that he was spit upon if it didn’t happen– that certainly is not a charge that you make on someone without justification.

I have to hope it isn’t true because you always want someone to rehab and be a professional if they want it for themselves.

In the case of Adam “PacMan” Jones, there have been plenty of opportunities to turn around.

Maybe it just isn’t in his DNA.

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