An Open Email to Adam Dunn

Hello Mr. Dunn,
I’m a lifelong Chicago White Sox fan. I know you probably get tons of letters and e-mails, and I’m sure most of them are discouraging. This is not one of those letters. For a decade, I wanted you on the Chicago White Sox. When we were strolling out designated hitters like Brian Daubach, Carl Everett, and Mark Kotsay, you were always on the back of my mind. I wondered exactly how great Adam Dunn would look in a Chicago White Sox uniform. When I traded for you in video games, I felt like I was cheating, because having you on the White Sox was too unrealistic. Then in 2010 – when it appeared the White Sox were going to trade for you – I was left with Edwin Jackson.
Then 2011 happened. My unrealistic fantasy was all to real.
When you signed with the White Sox, I felt on top of the world. I didn’t think anything – or anyone – would stop the 2011 White Sox. The season started off with such promise, you even hit a home run on Opening Day, which kept me optimistic. However, my optimism was false optimism, which seems common for me.
I realize your season was tough on you mentally; any person with common sense would understand that. But, 2012 is a season where you can make a huge impact for the Chicago White Sox.
I know you can do it, Adam. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re still talented. I can sympathize with you on the booing you received; however, I was not one of those boo birds. I always had faith in you, because I know you are still one of the best sluggers in baseball.
I know some of these fans don’t deserve it; especially, the ones who wanted to run Jay Cutler out-of-town over a serious injury. I am not one of those fans.
I’m a fan who doesn’t overreact to batting average, I’m a fan who doesn’t flip out on a strike out, I am a fan that will be a fan of you until you’re finished here, and I am a fan that realizes bad years happen. Hell, I’ve had several in my life.
I look forward to 2012. The year of your resurgence and proving Sox fans shouldn’t have given up on you so fast.
Good luck this year, Adam. No matter what happens this season, just remember you will always have a fan cheering for you.
Best Wishes,
Bryan Lutz
Adam Dunn fan