Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo Can Handle The Heat

By Rob Nelson

One of the largest stories to come out of the Christmas day games for the NBA was the play of one Rajon Rondo. Despite his team falling in
a hotly contested battle, Rondo still managed to steal the show with an amazing performance. He was a one man wrecking crew on offense with a new jump shot and
free throw shot that had great success. When one pairs that with his amazing point guard skills, ability to get to the basket, and defensive prowess, it is
not a wonder that Rondo dominated that game and kept Boston within an inch of winning the game despite not having Paul Pierce at their disposal.

Rondo’s play was an encouraging sign heading into Tuesday’s tilt with the Miami Heat. The deck is stacked against Boston. The Heat will be playing in front of their home
crowd for the first time, motivated to prove last year’s win over Boston in the playoffs was no fluke, and the fact that LeBron and company lost in the NBA Finals
will have them ready to play against the Celtics. The fact the Celtics will not have Paul Pierce again is not exactly helping the Celtics chances of stealing
one in Miami. The one chance Boston has is if Rondo can be the type of player he was against a terrible defensive Knicks team.

The great news for Celtics fans is that is entirely possible. Miami is a good defensive team, but they have issues in areas that Rondo can exploit. The Heat are a better defense in transition then the Knicks, but ROndo can beat them in teh half court.  The fact that Rondo can now hit free throws and an open 12 foot jump shot means the Heat
cannot sag off of him and clog the middle.  Mario Chalmers or the rookie Norris Cole are not going to be able to cover Rondo due to the fact that too fast for either
player. The fact that Miami also lacks any post defender that is capable of sealing the middle off means that Rondo will be able to attack the basket. This means
that Rondo should be able to exploit the Heat and set his teammates up for some easy baskets or get easy baskets off the drive.

The other great news is this means that none of the Heat get a free ride defending Rondo like Wade and James did last year. They were allowed to free roam, clog
the middle, and rest on the defensive end. This left them fresh to torture Boston in the fourth quarter. They will have to work and defend now that Rondo can hit
a jump shot. They will no longer be fresh down the stretch.

   The Celtics are again going into a game in this season with the odds against them. Once again they will call on Rondo to carry the load on the offensive end.
Rondo knows that he has to great in order for the Celtics to beat the Heat. If Rondo is going to be a legit MVP candidate like the early hype after only one
game, this is the type of game he must dominate and steal a win for his team. Tuesday night we will find out how great Rondo is this year. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!

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