Stop Complaining and Saying 'What If..." - Alabama Is the Best Team In the Country

By Chad

In a game that was about as over-hyped as any game that I can remember, the Alabama Crimson Tide dominated the LSU Tigers 21-0 in the BCS Championship game in New Orleans at the Super Dome. They turned in the most dominant defensive performances in the BCS history. They turned in one of the most dominating defensive efforts in College Football’s history as well.

There is a lot of talk around the sports world about the Oklahoma State Cowboys providing a better game, or at least a more entertaining game. I can’t say that I would disagree. How entertaining would it have been for LSU to completely shut down OSU’s high flying offense and beat them like Oregon and West Virginia? I know that both teams moved the ball on LSU, but the problem that they faced…and the problem that every team outside of Alabama faced was they could not stop LSU from scoring. Would Oklahoma State have been able to do what Alabama did last night? No. Truthfully, Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State. That sealed their fate. They are the only ones to blame in this. They also should have lost to Stanford.

Alabama was the only team that stopped LSU all season. They did it twice. The first game LSU capitilized on Alabama’s mistakes to take the game away in Tuscaloosa. The second game, Alabama did not make a mistake. They dominated LSU in every facet of the game. Not only did they hold LSU to 92 total yards, the one area of strength for LSU coming into the game was special teams. The Tide neutralized LSU’s great punter by not allowing LSU to cross midfield until half way through the 4th quarter. They did not allow Tyrann Mathieu the opportunity to return a punt until he tried to spark something in the 4th quarter on a punt he should have left alone. He was hit by almost the entire special teams.

Every year there is crying and complaining on some front about how some team is left out or how some team deserves to have a shot to play for a championship. I couldn’t agree more…every year. But, the truth is, we as fans are to blame. We allow this faulty system to continually give us the opportunity to say “What if…”.

The bowl games this year were pathetic. There is no way in the world that the UCLA Bruins and Illinois Fighting Illini should deserve to play a postseason game. UCLA had a losing record!!!

The BCS is the system that we have. Until there is enough opposition from the fan base to alter the money train, there isn’t much incentive to change is there?

If anything, the rest of the country should be happy that the SEC finally lost a BCS championship game. Pairing two SEC teams was the only way that they could have lost one this year.

I would have liked to have seen Stanford and Oklahoma State have the opportunity to compete against the SEC’s best in a plus one. Maybe they could have altered the national perception that the SEC is best. Not really, but at least it would have been entertaining.

Maybe this will be the final straw that breaks the BCS’ back. Maybe this will be the doorway to a playoff system. I sure hope so.

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