Super Bowl XLVI: SEC Well-Represented on Super Bowl Rosters

The Southeastern Conference has become a virtual farm-system to the NFL over the course of the last several years. On Draft-day, the names of the 12 member institutions have been called repeatedly, and NFL rosters have been riddled with names like Tennessee, Florida and Alabama, as evidenced by the listed rosters of the Giants and Patriots.

A total of 25 players combined (not counting Texas A&M or Missouri) from New York and New England hail from SEC schools, which is the most of any conference in the country. And even though not all of them are active, the conference makes up nearly 19 percent of the 132 players on the Pats and Giants roster.

The Big Ten had the second-most of any other conference in the country with 22, while the ACC placed third with 18 players. The Pac-12, Big East and Big-12 had 13, 11 and 4 respectively, meaning that over 70% of the Super Bowl rosters played their football in a BCS conference.

LSU and Florida paced the conference with five alumni playing for the Giants and Pats combined. Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas each have three players representing their team in Indianapolis. The national champion Alabama Crimson Tide only have two representatives playing tomorrow, but with two titles under their belt in the last three seasons  expect a wave of Tide players making it to the pinnacle of football in the next few seasons.

National Signing Day was on Wednesday, and it’s safe to say that such a rich-tradition of placing players into the National Football League played a major role in the conference having 13 of the 14 teams that will play in the SEC in 2012 in the Top 50 of the team recruiting rankings.