Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott Earns Extension

By Chris Hengst

Perhaps fearful that the stability of the Big 12 might woo him away, the Pac 12 extended commissioner Larry Scott’s contract to 2016. And while tongue remains planted firmly in cheek, Scott’s conversations with the Big 12 probably would have gone something like this:

Chuck Neinas: Larry, the Big 12 board members would like you to replace me on a permanent basis.

Larry Scott: Texas still in the conference?

Neinas: Of course, Larry. That’s where the money is.

Scott: (click).

Neinas: Hello? Larry? Aw hell, get me Beebe’s number.

The former head of the Women’s Tennis Association has been a veritable conqueror since taking over the Pac 10 two years ago. He added Colorado and Utah, rebranded the conference logo and name to the Pac 12, nearly destroyed the Big 12 by adding Texas and Oklahoma twice and negotiated a $3 billion television deal that supersedes SEC annual payouts.

The Pac 12 Network should be available in millions of homes by next fall and the regional networks mean that none of the viewing nightmares currently plaguing the Longhorn Network occur.

Not content with west coast supremacy, Scott mentioned that he’d like to push the Pac 12 footprint into China by staging athletic and academic endeavors.

A little more than two years ago, the Pac 10 was a dinosaur of a conference with stingy school presidents and television revenue that seriously hindered schools not named USC or Oregon.

In walked the innovative Scott and suddenly those same school presidents are open to the idea of a playoff with hundreds of millions available for coaches like Mike Leach, Rich Rodriguez and Jim Mora.

And to think, Scott doesn’t have any desire to work for Big 12 commissioner DeLoss Dodds.

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