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Conference USA, Mountain West Forming Super Conference


Conference USA and the Mountain West watched in jealousy as realignment rarely included them. So the best way to earn some national publicity?

Dissolve the conferences and create a new one.

According to Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports, the two FBS conferences are expected to finish the 2012-2013 school year as separate groups and then combine schools in 2013-2014.

“The new league – which is yet to be named – is expected to consist of  Southern Miss, Marshall, East Carolina, UAB, Tulsa, Rice, UTEP and Tulane from C-USA and Wyoming, Air Force, Colorado State, UNLV, New Mexico, Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii from the MWC. Hawaii would be a football-only member, making a 15-team all-sports conference and a 16-team football conference.”

McMurphy’s source coyly alluded to the motivation for this monumental…yawn:

“The reason that the institutions are dissolving and forming their own league is for legal reasons, sources said.”

Well, I think we’re all finished here if it’s simply for legal reasons. What about the possibility of naming this new monstrosity? Isn’t that enough?

Allow the fanbases of the respective campuses to vote on the future moniker and they’ll garner more interest than ever.

But really, we already know the driving force for these mysterious “legal reasons.”

Television money.

School presidents in each conference knew that alone, they wouldn’t attract a large, substantial revenue package from a major network.

By merging the two conferences, it increases the amount of content, the quality of the product and the hope that a couple more zeroes are added to television checks.

UPDATE: McMurphy via his Twitter feed, expounds on some details: He says that the league will include 18-24 members, semifinal games and a conference championship.