Camera Man Invades Mike Tomlin's Space for a Bit Too Long

By Stephanie Lewark

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was spotted last evening by an ESPN camera man at the University of Kentucky Wildcat men’s basketball game against Ole Miss at the Rupp Arena in Lexington.  It’s reported that he was attending as a guest of John Calipari and Joker Phillips.  Unfortunately for the camera man, it wasn’t all smiles and giggles.

Then again, is Tomlin ever happy to be on television?  At all his press conferences and post-game interviews, he always appears to have such a stern demeanor … “Mr. Serious” (WHY so serious?).

I honestly feel badly for this cameraman who is only doing his job, but I can also understand Tomlin’s desire to have his private time.  Although, there is also an appropriate way to ask for that and I’m not so sure that he chose the most appropriate way to do it (then again, the camera wasn’t on me).

According to “villecrckr” on YouTube (and from watching the video below you can see) Tomlin say(s), “You had enough, bro?  I’m tryin to watch the game” and the camera man is heard saying, “We’re on…” followed by “I’m movin.”  As a Steelers / Mike Tomlin fan, I can say that I’m just a bit disappointed.

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