According to Marshall Faulk and Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning Won't Play in NFC

By Marian Hinton

The hottest question in sports today is, “Which team will sign Peyton Manning?”

Ever since the Indianapolis Colts officially released Manning, rumors have been swirling about where the elite quarterback and future Hall of Famer will end up.

If you believe former Colts teammate and close friend, Marshall Faulk, it won’t be anywhere in the NFC.

According to Faulk, Peyton simply doesn’t want to play in the same conference as the reigning Super Bowl MVP and New York Giant, who just so happens to be his little brother, Eli Manning.

Faulk told ESPN, “If you’re in the NFC, you’re out. The Mannings (won’t) play a regular-season game,” suggesting that the two brothers don’t want to have to go through each other to get to the big game. However, he went on to state that the family would love nothing more than a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl.

Former coach, Tony Dungy, reiterated this belief on ESPN’s radio show, Mike and Mike in the Morning, declaring, “I don’t think he’d want to be in direct competition for a playoff spot against the Giants.”

So, if Dungy and Faulk are correct and Peyton does in fact stay in the AFC, it looks like the rumors of the highly-sought after quarterback heading to the Redskins, Cardinals, and Seahawks may soon be silenced.

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