Four Colorado State University Students Allege Beating by Football Players

By Kris Hughes

Four Colorado State University freshmen are recovering from a vicious beating they allegedly received at the hands of fellow students at a late-night party on Friday evening in Fort Collins, Colorado.

These freshmen allege that the beating was given by fellow students that included several Colorado State football players. According to reports, Fort Collins police are refusing to identify those involved in the melee, citing an ongoing criminal investigation into the matter.

One of the alleged victims, freshman J.D. Haley summarized the incident:

It wasn’t really much of a fight. It was basically just a beating.

I’ve never seen anyone so mad, so violent.

The kid was on a rampage.

While it’s unclear about whom Haley was speaking, there is no doubt he and three friends suffered significant injuries. Haley and his friend Donny Goncha, were both taken to a local hospital with multiple injuries including chipped teeth and swollen eyes and faces.

Goncha’s injuries were severe enough that his eyes were swollen shut upon his arrival to the hospital.

At this point, communication regarding the matter from Colorado State University and the athletic department has been limited, but some odd actions by head coach Jim McElwain have led many to assume action is being taken.

Without stating a reason, McElwain suspended three players for violations of team rules on Saturday, including junior DE Nordly Capri, junior LB Mike Orakpo, and junior DE Colton Paulhus.

Apart from this disciplinary action, word has it that CSU football players have been reaching out to the alleged victims throughout the weekend to apologize on behalf of their teammates.

No matter how this case shakes out, it’s another example of the friction that can exist on campus between athletes and non-athletes when an air of privilege exists.

I wasn’t there to witness what happened last Friday in Fort Collins, but from reports, it’s easy enough to patch together.

It’s the same old story– when the season ends, and athletes who run on adrenaline no longer have an outlet to release it, that outlet becomes alcohol-fueled parties and the ensuing mayhem.

Football players– for better, or worse– have two modes: on and off.

There’s little gray area, and unfortunately when some of these guys are “on” other people get hurt in the process.

It’s just the nature of the game, on, and off, the field.

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