Bobby Petrino’s House Already Up for Sale

That didn’t take long.  It has barely been 48 hours since Bobby Petrino was fired as the head coach of the Arkansas football team and his house in Fayetteville is already on the market.  I guess he isn’t planning on making northwest Arkansas his permanent home.  I can’t understand why.

If you have a cool $2.5 million laying around, or somewhere close to that, the house can be yours.

All that cash will get you a six bedroom house with six full bathrooms and three more half-baths.  Plus a “stunning entrance, double staircases, marble flooring with amazing chandelier. Theatre room and gameroom. Wonderful kitchen, gas stove, granite, copper.”

Not bad.

I have to say after watching the Visual Tour of the place, that chandelier is something else.

And his wife has a lot, and I mean a lot, of shoes.

It even comes with an outdoor batting cage if you’re looking to take some cuts which sits right next to the basketball court.

It’ll be interesting to see going forward what happens with Petrino’s career.  There’s little question the guy know how’s to coach football but with the character questions he’s brought on himself during his career, it’s hard to imagine another school sticking its neck out to hire him, especially in the short term.

He could always go the NFL route, but with the way he left the Atlanta Falcons in limbo, it’s not likely he’s all that well thought of there, either.

I guess the moral of the story is things can change in a hurry.  Two weeks ago he was coaching spring football with a team capable of contending for the national title.  Now he’s out of work and his house is for sale.

Of course if he’s looking for someone to blame, all he has to do is look in the mirror.