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Notre Dame Continues to Pay Charlie Weis

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It’s amazing the guy keeps coaching.

Charlie Weis may be the new coach of the Kansas Jayhawks, but KU isn’t the only school with Weis still on its payroll.

Notre Dame continues to pay its former coach who by the way, hasn’t coached a game in South Bend since the 2009 season.  And they’re not just paying him with their pocket change.  Weis reportedly has collected a cool $8.69 million from his former employer since his departure and the checks continue to roll in.

Apparently being the head coach at Notre Dame is the gift that keeps giving.

Weis received a payment of $6.6 million as part of the initial separation agreement and has received another $2,054,077 million between July 2010 and June 2011 according to the Chicago Tribune.

And it doesn’t stop there.  Notre Dame will continue to pay its former head coach through 2015.

Not a bad deal; land a great job, do it with a limited amount of success, get fired from said great job, and get paid millions for the next seven years for the mediocre results your team produced.

As Notre Dame’s season swirled down the drain in 2009, Weis’ buyout was a point of contention as the Irish decided if they should give him more time or part ways with the coach who took them to back-to-back BCS bowl games his first two seasons.  Some believed they wouldn’t or couldn’t fire him simply because the buyout was thought to be so large.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said at the time the buyout wouldn’t affect their decision and obviously he wasn’t kidding.  But it still has to sting having to pay a guy who is now nothing more than a distant memory and will be even more so in three years.

Since departing South Bend, Weis spent one season as the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs and another season running the offense for the Florida Gators.

Weis was named the Kansas head coach in December and agreed to a five year contract totaling $12.5 million or $2.5 million per season.  If Weis is fired by Kansas without cause before the term of the contract is complete, he’ll be paid in full.

Weis contract in Lawrence also includes a slew of additional perks including two vehicles, travel expenses for his wife, a term life insurance policy for $2 million, travel for his family to road games, revenue from summer camps, 50 tickets to home football games, six tickets to Jayhawk basketball games, a suite at Memorial Stadium, and a country club membership to top it off.

And then there’s the money he’s still collecting from Notre Dame which I guess is just his meal money at this point.

Obviously the guy isn’t still coaching for the money, but on the other hand, it’s never a bad thing to have a little extra padding in your bank account.

Maybe we should cut the guy some slack, after all, coaching a Kansas football team that is 5-19 over the past two seasons might just be worth two paychecks.

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