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NBA Rumors: Austin Rivers Has No Guarantee From The New Orleans Hornets


Earlier this week information came out stating that former Duke Blue Devils guard Austin Rivers had a guarantee that he would be drafted by a lottery team (within the first 14 picks) many suspected that the guarantee was from the New Orleans Hornets at No. 10. It made sense that the Hornets would be the team to draft Rivers as they will need someone other than Greivis Vasquez simply because of the injury history of starting point guard Eric Gordon, combined with the fact that Gordon is a restricted free-agent this summer and could wind up with another team.

Gordon missed all but nine games last season with a knee injury and wound up having to undergo arthroscopicknee surgery. But in the nine games that Gordon did play he averaged 20.6 points and 3.4 assists per game. So it is no secret that Gordon can be a cornerstone player for the future of the Hornets franchise, if he can stay healthy (which is not always the case). Last season Vasquez stepped up nicely but, the Hornets lack of a back-up to their back-up really hurt them, and drafting Rivers would be able to take care of that nicely.

Based off of all this it is safe to assume that Rivers being drafted by the Hornets is logical but then there is also this, Rivers Dad, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, is very good friends with Hornets head coach Monty Williams. It seems that it is all adding up for Rovers right? Well not quite. A rumor has come out that, contrary to popular belief, the guarantee that Rivers got was not from the Hornets but rather from, well no one knows who.

It is assumed, based off certain information, that Rivers will be drafted within the first 14 picks of the 2012 NBA draft but, it is still uncertain who will be drafting him. Rivers, whose choice not to fully take part in the NBA predraft combine was a shock (since Rivers was projected to go around 10-20) , has (or has had already) workouts with seven teams, the Hornets, Portland Trail BlazersToronto RaptorsHouston Rockets,Cleveland CavaliersPhoenix Suns, and Washington Wizards.

From dissecting what information has been passed around it is safe to assume that the team who guaranteed Rivers a spot on their roster is one that he will be working out for, sans the Hornets. That is not really narrowing down the list too much but at least instead of seven possible teams, we can presumably narrow it down to six.

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