BCS Branding Will End with New College Football Playoff System

By Kris Hughes

To many, the name Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has nothing but negative connotations.

These folks will be happy to learn that with the launch of the new college football playoff system in 2014– whatever it finally shakes out to be– the BCS name and branding will die with the old system driven by computers and numbers which has been so maligned since its inception in 1999.

The move to change the branding of the college football playoff makes plenty of sense given that the conference commissioners, university presidents, and other interested parties who are working on the new system want to make sure that it is as separated from the “BCS” as is possible.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney echoed this sentiment earlier this year:

There really is no entity. There is no BCS. There is a mark [logo].

There is a series of contracts.

That’s all it is.

via a CBSSports interview

The new name, when it is determined, will be a direct reflection of the playoff model that is adopted.

If a four-team playoff turns out to be the winner– the model which seems to be the front-runner, at least for now– you have to figure the championship game will have a moniker which will allow the networks, the NCAA, and the participating schools and conferences to brand the game in a way to be on par with the Super Bowl and other premier championship contests.

It will also be interesting to see if a “College Football Commissioner” emerges along with the new playoff structure as many have suggested. Whether or not having one individual with whom the buck stops is the best business policy, is yet to be seen.

If so, the new branding may come from that person’s desk.

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