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NBA Rumors: Deron Williams Narrows List To Mavericks and Nets?

Deron Williams is one of the hottest names on the free agent market, and he’s supposedly narrowed his list down to the Dallas Mavericks, and Brooklyn Nets. With NBA Rumors in full swing, this is not a surprise as that has been rumored for awhile. I was secretly hoping the Chicago Bulls were planning on doing some nuts, but what can I say- I’m not that lucky.

I think the Mavericks HAVE to land Deron Williams, and Mark Cuban will pull out all the stops to do it. The Mavericks struggled a bit this year, and they have to want to get younger, more athletic at the point guard spot. They won a title with Jason Kidd, but let’s face it- JK is just not the same player anymore. Deron Williams will run the pick and roll to perfection with Dirk Nowtizki, and would bring immediate ability to the table. His play making ability will work insanely well in Dallas, and if I were a Mavericks fan, I would be very happy at the possibilities.

I also believe this would be 2 of 3 superstars Cuban aims to bring to Dallas. I think he’s a huge fan of the big 3, and seeing their success, Cuban will model that blueprint to a T. There isn’t an owner in the NBA that wants to win more than Cuban and that’s flat out- awesome.

If you want to find out whose the 3rd one on my list, you’ll have to come back at a later date!

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