MLB Rumors: Should The Marlins Trade For Ichiro?

With MLB Rumors flying all over the place, a name I haven’t heard to much is Ichiro. Why is that? He’s at the end of a contract, and is getting older. He still can hit a little bit, would bring a little speed to a lineup, and is still an above average defender, so what’s the deal here? The Seattle Mariners are rebuilding, and clearly Ichiro can’t be looked at as a long term solution anymore. So why not send him to a contender? Let him play for something? Several teams could want him, but I think the Miami Marlins would be most interested.

With injuries, the Miami Marlins aren’t very deep in the outfield, and are rumored to be in the market for one. Why not make a splash? They’re clearly all in with their off season signings, so again- why not? Ichiro is a very popular player still, and he could increase ticket sales even more so. It also probably wouldn’t take a ton to get him at this stage in the game, so it’s something that should be considered heavily on both sides.

How about- Matt Dominguez for Ichiro straight up? Dominguez has struggled and a change of scenery is needed. Ichiro again is getting older, and doesn’t have the same talent level he once had. This kind of trade makes all the sense in the world for both sides, so I think it’s worth keeping an eye on.

We’ll continue to update everyone on as the MLB trade deadline gets closer.