New Baron Davis Videos Are Fantastically Silly and Awesome

By John Gorman

New York Knicks PG Baron Davis seems to doing okay with his shredded knee.

If you saw the injury, and it made you wish you were born without functioning retinas, well … then you know how hard we’re rooting for him to just be able to walk normal, much less get back to the Association.

In his downtime, Baron Davis seems to enjoy being in front of the camera, doing very Baron Davis things.

The first video is a PSA for New Yorkers to look up and not bury their faces in their smartphones so they can avoid getting smacked around by cars, bicycles, sides of skyscrapers and errant passes from shoot-first point guards.

But that’s just a warm up.

Nothing … and I mean nothing … can prepare you for “The Battle of Boom Gardens“, in which we find our hero taking on his punk-@$$ b**** gardeners in The Mother Of All Nerf Wars.

(Videos via SLAM! Online and Gothamist)

God Bless Baron Davis Videos. All that’s just another reason to love the world’s most affable basketball goofball and wish him a continued speedy recovery.

And, just for good measure, another reason to watch this classic Baron Davis / Steve Nash video collab:

Welcome to the Terrordome!!!!!

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