The Morning Mix: Stephanie Rice, Shaq, Social Media Outrage and More!

By John Gorman

Are you ready to play the game? Here’s your recap of everything that’s gone down the past 24 hours. As always, we do it supa-dupa-fly like Missy Elliott.

The Big Nostradamus is about to fulfill the Mayan Prophecies: Noted size authority Shaquille O’Neal tweeted that he expects Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow to lead the New York Jets to a Super Bowl. Hey, I can do this, too! The Pittsburgh Pirates will win the World Series! Democrats will cut spending after the November Elections! It will snow in Tucson! Chris Brown will definitely, 100%, never smack anyone again!

People say in life, “Never Look Back.” Welp, F**k that! We’re looking back! Our man sums up Rajon Rondo‘s performance and how effectively he was at being able to beat folks in transition who were crying to the refs.

Now that he’ll be replaced on ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football broadcasts by David Pollack, we look back in appreciation of Craig James: Nope. Just kidding.

Twitter beefs are the new rap battles: What’s better than rivalries? Rivalries between rival Social Media and PR departments! They are vicious, cutthroat affairs. Rant Sports has procured this shocking exclusive video footage:

I love when 6’9″, 250-lb. athletes are referred to as ‘pieces’ and ‘assets’, nothing remotely degrading about it, nope nope: Short story – The Detroit Pistons flip Ben Gordon for Corey Maggette. This is noteworthy, because until I read that, I had no idea Corey Maggette was still in the league.

Olympic Coverage is the Tornado of Journalism: Here’s two swimmers getting catty with each other. And another swimmer, the lovely Aussie Stephanie Rice, breaking Twitter when she let this pic spill:


Someone hasn’t learned yet how to flip the camera on your phone around so you can take a picture of yourself. Still using Myspace-era bathroom mirror protocol. Not a good look, miss.

Zach Parise Will Play For Every Team in the NHL: And I ain’t even mad, bro. Just … my mind feels like it’s been stuffed through a sausage grinder and slobbered on by Pandas on a morphine drip.

Today’s the day you let go of your fear and grab your dreams by the horns. Damn it feels good to be gangsta.

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