NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Now An Option For Dwight Howard

By Joshua Casey

At the beginning of the day the Brooklyn Nets roster looked almost the same as it had for the second part of the NBA season, sans the absence of free-agent point guard Deron Williams. But on Tuesday afternoon the Nets roster was shook up drastically as they struck a deal with the Atlanta Hawks that landed them six-time All-Star guard Joe Johnson. The Nets sent away Jordan FarmarJohan PetroAnthony MorrowDeShawn Stevenson (via sign-and-trade), and the Houston Rockets 2013 lottery-protected first-round.

The deal, even though Johnson has a huge contract, does seem like a very good one for the Nets who seem to believe that Williams, after seeing the Nets recent moves, will re-sign. But the deal did all but kill one possibility that the Nets had looked at, and that was trading for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Howard informed Magic GM Rob Hennigan on Friday, while at a face-to-face meeting in Los Angeles, that he would like to be traded and that he would only re-sign with one team. Now while Howard did not say which team that was, many people believe that it was the Brooklyn Nets.

Now that the Nets have traded for Johnson, it has basically tied up their free cap space thus disallowing them to trade for Howard. Some people are still saying that the Nets are looking into trading for Howard, but at this point it seems like a bit of a far fetched idea. So now that Brooklyn is basically out of the running for Howard that leaves the Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks as the last two teams on Howard’s original list of preferred destinations. So it seems that Howard will eventually be a Mav or Laker right? Well not so fast.

Rumors have begun to swirl that the Hawks, after clearing up cap space by unloading Johnson, are now potential suitors for Howard. Howard is very close friends with Josh Smith, and Anthony Morrow ( who was just traded to the Hawks in the Johnson deal). The possibility of deal does make a lot of sense as the Hawks would be able to offer All-Star center Al Horford in return. This is certainly good news for Hawks fans, but it still seems that they would be a third option for Dwight as he now reportedly has the Mavericks as the top team on his list of preferred landing spots.


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