NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Making Hard Push For Steve Nash

By Joshua Casey

Probably one of the more crazy ideas for the Los Angeles Lakers this off-season was signing free-agent point guard Steve Nash. Not that the Lakers don’t like Nash, or vice-verse, but it seemed that many other teams were willing to offer more money, (which they can and probably are). Nash said before that he would not rule out any possibility but that he also would like to beat the best to be the best, not team up with them and hope to eventually win an NBA championship, (yeah we’re looking at you LeBron James).

So when the Toronto Raptors reportedly offered Nash a three-year $36 million deal, it seemed that the Lakerswere all but out of the Nash sweepstakes, but they aren’t. Rumors have recently leaked that while the Raptors, Dallas MavericksNew York Knicks, and Phoenix Suns have all made there push for Nash, theLakers have also quietly entered the mix for the coveted free-agent.

It is not known just yet what type of offer the Lakers are offering Nash or who the Lakers would be offering to the Suns if they did a sign-and-trade, which seems unlikely. But according to the newly leaked rumor the Lakers are making a hard push to try and lure Nash to the Lakers. The Lakers push for Nash makes an immense amount of sense as they have lacked a point guard of Nash’ ability for a while now, and it doesn’t seem that free-agent Ramon Sessions will be able to fill that void anytime soon.

The Lakers push could also be related to another superstar, that being Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. Howard has let it be known that he would like to be traded, prefarrably to the Brooklyn Nets, but Magic GM Rob Hennigan also let it be known that he would prefer a trade with the Lakers, and not with the Nets. The Nets would probably be offering Brook LopezMarshon BrooksKris Humphries, and three first-round picks, meanwhile the Lakers are ready to offer center Andrew Bynum, and Metta World Peace.

Howard, though, has been rumored to not want to be traded to the Lakers, apparently not wanting to follow in the footsteps of former Magic and Lakers star Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal and Howard have had some beef in the past, (mainly related to the Superman nickname), so it is not surprising why Howard may have a certain amount of disdain towards the Lakers. But this recent push to acquire could be just one of many that the Lakers will be looking to make to try and convince Howard to become a part of the Lakers long-term plans.


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