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Jason Terry to Sign with Boston Celtics; Leaves Dallas Mavericks in Trouble


Veteran free agent Jason Terry has decided to start a new chapter in his career and will sign with the Boston Celtics when he’s eligible to do so on July 11th.

The deal is reportedly for 3 years/$15 million.

I love this pick up for Boston. Terry is the kind of player the Celtics need. He’s a competitor who adds a veteran attitude, experience, and ability to perform in the clutch to the Boston roster. The signing will also take pressure off of re-signing Ray Allen, as Terry would become their new ’3 point specialist.’

Signing Terry indicates to me that the Celtics are moving on from Allen, which is the right call. Terry has more gas left in the tank, and provides some much needed new blood in Boston. The Celtics are just a few tweaks away from being right back in the Finals in 2013…

As for the Dallas Mavericks, things aren’t looking so great. The news of Terry going to Boston comes on the heels of Deron Williams‘ decision to stay with the Brooklyn Nets.

They also could be in jeopardy of losing Jason Kidd, as he’s been rumored to be interested in signing with the Nets or the New York Knicks.

The only way the Mavs can get back in the title picture next year, is to acquire Dwight Howard. If that can’t be done, Dallas will likely go into some form of a rebuild mode. They’ve only had two big names on their wish list all along, and one of them is no longer on the market. The other has stated he’d also rather play in Brooklyn.

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