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NBA Rumors: Bryant, Nash, Howard Could Be Next Big Three In L.A.


With the news that Steve Nash will be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dwight Howard trade saga could take an interesting turn.

The Lakers currently have an offer on the table with the Orlando Magic to trade Metta World Peace and Andrew Bynum for Howard.

Now Howard has said that he doesn’t want to play in Los Angeles, and that he wants to play for the Brooklyn Nets, and start a legacy all of his own. That’s fine, I respect that, but now I wonder if Nash going to L.A. might change Howard’s mind.

The fear that most have with Howard going to the Lakers, is that him and Kobe will just turn into Kobe and Shaq all over again. It’s certainly a legitimate fear, but adding Nash to the equation changes everything.

Howard would have to realize that if he agrees to the Lakers trade, that he instantly is in the running for a championship. The Lakers would have Nash, Bryant, Gasol, and Howard in their starting lineup, that’s a group that can go toe to toe with any team in the NBA.

Nash’s presence as a leader would help take pressure off of the Kobe/Howard relationship. With Nash in the lineup, the Lakers will play better team ball. Nash is sure to help the distribution and would keep both Howard and Bryant happy. Plus everybody knows who’s taking the last shot with the game on the line…

It’s basically going to boil down to whether Howard is more concerned with winning a championship, or starting his own legacy. The thing is, if he goes to Brooklyn, he’ll be playing as part of another big three, and it won’t automatically be his team there either.

In a couple years Nash and Kobe will retire, and the Lakers would become Howard’s team. One could argue that establishing a legacy with the Lakers means more than doing it with any other team.

So at the end of the day, this Lakers big three is just a rumor, and a possibility. We’ll have to see what the Magic and Howard do next, but I’m going to guess Dwight may reconsider LA, because even he would have to realize he has a better shot at a ring there, than in Brooklyn.

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