Fantasy 101: Top 5 Wide Receivers

By Chris Wickersham

Next up in fantasy 101 is the top 5 wide receivers:

1) Calvin Johnson-Detroit Lions: There is no question in my mind that Johnson is the clear number 1 receiver. He has one of the best hands in the game and will out jump any defender for the ball. As he usually has a good height advantage on the defender. That’s why he earned that huge contract extension in the off-season. If Matthew Staffard stays healthy, watch for his stats to grow even more. Staffard has a strong arm and is always looking to throw the ball to Johnson.

2) Larry Fritzgerald-Arizona Cardinals: Fritzgerald is a great receiver and he puts up great stats with no quarterback. Just think if he has a good QB… he’ll challenge Johnson for the number 1 spot. Fritzgerald may be the only receiver to have better hands than Johnson and he’s also great at running routes. Fritzgerald makes some amazing catches that makes his ‘no-name’ QB look even better.

3) Andre Johnson-Houston Texans: Johnson is still a great receiver, but he may be decling a little bit with past injuries. The last few seasons, Johnson has had trouble staying on the field for all 16 games. However, if he does stay on the field all season, watch for his stats to stand out. He has a QB that has a strong arm and that’s Matt Schaub (If he stays on the field too).

4) Greg Jennings-Green Bay Packers: There’s no way you can have a top 5 list without mentioning a Green Bay Packer. Aaron Rodgers is just too good that he’ll make Jennings put up the stats. It goes on Rodgers more as he’ll fine Jennings open all the time and even when Jennings is not open, he’ll still find a way to give him the ball. Don’t get me wrong, Jennings is still one hell of a receiver and one of the best to take the football field.

5) Brandon Marshall-Chicago Bears: I can not believe I’m saying this, but my beloved Chicago Bears has a top wide receiver. The long drought of no good receivers is over … Brandon Marshall will looks good again in 2012, especially with the re-uniting of Jay Cutler. I look for both of them to get back to their old ways from Denver. He’ll look good once again and a pro bowl looks to be insight.

If I were to rate the top 7 wide receivers … I would have had Wes Welker 6th and Roddy White 7th.

So .. there’s my top 5 wide receivers. Next up I’ll rate the top 5 tight ends!

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