NBA Rumors: Grant Hill To Join Thunder, Heat, or Lakers

Long-time NBA forward Grant Hill remains one of the top veteran players available in free agency. For awhile it was unknown if Hill would even return for his 19th season, but after some comments to NBA TV, it looks like Hill is going to take another run at a ring.

“I am a free agent and I do have a desire to play. I’m just sort of sorting through it, trying to figure it out. (I) definitely have options. We’ll have to wait and see.”

“You want to win. You want to play.You watch the Finals this past year. You see Miami. You see what they accomplished. You want to experience that. I’ve been lucky to experience it in the Olympics and in college twice. But you know there’s a lot of variables involved with winning. Everyone can now can say ‘Oh, Miami will definitely win’ but it’s a tough road to get to a championship.”

It’s being rumored that Hill is considering joining either the Oklahoma City ThunderMiami Heat, or Los Angeles Lakers.

So where should Hill sign? What team is the best fit?

I think it’s the Lakers.

The Lakers still need to make a few more acquisitions to put themselves firmly back in the title picture. The Steve Nash deal was a great start, but I’m not convinced Nash alone makes L.A. better than the Thunder or Heat.

Of course Nash has made no secret that he’s recruiting his former teammate to also join the Lakers.

With the Dwight Howard deal unlikely to happen at this point, the Lakers must focus their attention on bringing in veteran role players.

Hill to the Lakers is a great fit for both sides. He’s a defensive minded guy that can come off the bench and play sold minutes on a nightly basis. He brings tons of experience to leadership ability to a team that didn’t look all that cohesive at times last season.

It’s unknown if Matt Barnes will return to the Lakers next season, and if he doesn’t, the Lakers have to sign Hill. The L.A. bench has been thin for a couple years now, and they can ill afford to lose a defensive specialist if they want win another title…

The title of course is the common denominator in all of this. Clearly Hill is considering joining only legitimate championship contenders…and I say good for him.

No one deserves a ring more than Grant Hill. He fought through injuries that would of made most men hang it up long ago. Sure, people will always say, ‘what could of been.’ I say, so what? Grant Hill’s legacy may not be as great as it could have been, but it’s still a very good one.

What a great ending it would be if Hill and Nash joined forces for one last title run in Los Angeles. Some will call it “selling out” and dislike the principle of joining a franchise like the Lakers, but I really don’t care about that. Hill and Nash deserve to be NBA champions.

As an old school fan, I will be rooting for Hill/Nash over the likes of Lebron/Wade and Durant/Westbrook. The young players have plenty of time to win rings, the old veterans Hill and Nash.. Not so much.

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