NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears and Matt Forte contract discussions draws close

By alibud69

The latest instalment from the NFL Rumors mill has multiple sources stating, that Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears have made significant strides in the contract dispute that has rolled on and on, in an otherwise successful offseason for first year GM Phil Emery.


Whilst original reports had Matt Forte looking to receive deals similar to that of LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles and Arian Foster of the Houston Texans, new information has arisen suggesting that the new deal between Matt Forte and the Chicago Bears, is based around the slightly less contract deal that Marshawn Lynch received from the Seattle Seahawks (4years/$31mil/ $17mil Guaranteed/average $7.75mil per year), with the exception being a 5year deal.


Regardless Chicago Bears fans who are already out of their minds with optimism about the upcoming season, and the solid job that Phil Emery has achieved so far, will possibly have a little more to smile about, sooner rather than later, only time will tell if they can tie it all up before the franchise tag deadline on monday at 16:00 ECT, however Matt Forte himself has reportedly intimated to ESPN insider Adam Schefter, that the signs are good and he is optimistic the deal will be signed sealed and delivered by the monday deadline.

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