Matt Forte 'Optimistic" About a New Deal **UPDATE**

By Chris Wickersham

UPDATE: Michael Lombardi said Matt Forte is ‘extremely close’ close to a new contract with the Chicago Bears.

So a deal looks to be very close and a deal will be made by Monday is all the reports are right on. So, the Bears and Forte have a little less then 2 days to finally agree on a new deal. All I can is YES and the saga seems to finally be ending. 

The Matt Forte saga is about to be over. With Matt Forte signing a long-term extension or him playing under the franchise tag for the 2012-2013 season. The deadline for Forte and the Chicago Bears to hammer out a long-term extension is Monday at 3 p.m. Central. Forte would make 7.749 million for the upcoming season if he has to play under the franchise tag. Forte sat down with ESPN’s Adam Schefter to talk about this exact situation.

“Hopefully, it will end up well,” Forte told NFL Insider Adam Schefter. “And when? Hopefully by the 16th. That’s the final date, so I’m looking forward to trying to get it done by then.”

Forte said he hopes to be on the phone all weekend negotiating a long-term contract. Forte was asked what happens if no deal is reached by Monday and said; “I think we all knows what happens”. 

Forte has said he will not missing any games for the upcoming season, but training camp seems to be in jeopardy. As that means, Forte is leaning towards missing training camp is no deal is struck.

“I’m a very optimistic guy, so going into this weekend I’m pretty optimistic that it will get done,” Forte said. “Saying my prayers and everything, hopefully it will get done.”

Forte has missed all of OTA’s, but he’s still been staying in shape. “No effect at all,” he said. “I take training and preparing for the season very seriously. That’s what I do. I’m not going to go into a season out of shape or not prepared for a game or prepared for the entire season.”

Forte also said the acquisition of Michael Bush will have no negative affect on him. “I don’t think (Bush’s presence) will affect me at all, negatively,” Forte said. “If anything, it will be a positive. Ever since I came in as a rookie I always had another guy they brought in to be there. I think it will be a positive, he’s a pretty good running back, and he’ll be there to help us out.

Side note: ESPN’s John Clayton does not think a deal will be made by Monday. So … I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Let’s just hope a deal is made by Monday’s deadline!

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