Fantasy 101: Top 5 Tight Ends

By Chris Wickersham

Next up in fantasy 101 are the top 5 tight ends:

1) Jimmy Graham-New Orleans Saints: This is a great story as Graham came from no where and is now the top tight end in the NFL. He has great and strong hands which makes him very effective. Graham is also tall which gives him advantage over small defensive players. He’s not the fastest player, but you don’t need to be fast when Drew Brees is throwing to you. That’s probably his best weapon.

2) Rob Gronkowski-New England Patriots: I was going back and fourth on who should be number 1, but I had to give it to Graham. But don’t get me wrong, if you had him on your team, you would be pleased. The Patriots don’t run much and Tom Brady always seems to pass. That makes Gronkowski a deadly weapon and he’s a red zone threat any time the Patriots are down there.

3) Antonio Gates-San Diego Chargers: Yes, the aging Gates still makes the list. If Gates stays healthy, he’s as good as any TE in the game. Like most TE’s, he’s not fast but a pretty good route runner. He can catch the ball great and will racked up the yards/touchdowns.

4) Jermichael Finley-Green Bay Packers: He’s not the most smooth TE, but since you have the best QB (Aaron Rodgers) throwing to you, you better be putting up the stats. The Packers are always in the red zone, so that’s where Finley becomes his best. Don’t get me wrong, Finley is great, but Rodgers easily makes him better.

5) Jason Written-Dallas Cowboys: I decided to put him in the top 5 as I expect a great year from him and his QB (Tony Romo). Written is a touch player and will go straight at the defender. He’s not backing down and will bull doze the defender. That’s a big high about Written as that’s how he picks up even more yards.

If I were to do the top 7 tight ends, I would have had Vernon Davis 6th and Aaron Hernandez 7th.

Next up in fantasy 101 will be the top 5 kickers.

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