Fantasy 101: Top 5 Kickers

By Chris Wickersham

Next up in fantasy 101 is the top 5 kickers for the upcoming fantasy football season:

1) Sebastian Janikowski-Oakland Raiders: He is not the most accurate kicker in the league, but he does not need to be. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in the top of the league still. But he does not need to be the most accurate kicker as he can make the longest fields. So … making him racked up those points.

2) Stephen Gostkowski-New England Patriots: He left last season with an injury, but he’s still a top kicker in the league. He’s an accurate kick and does have distance in his profile. With Tom Brady throwing, the Patriots will be on their side for a lot of the game.

3) David Akers-San Francisco 49ers: He has gone and came… meaning, he was a top kicker, then he was not and now he is. His last year(s) in Philadelphia did not go to plan. But he picked up his career with the 49ers and in the top rankings one again.

4) Mason Crosby-Green Bay Packers: I hate doing rankings and a Green Bay Packer is in the top 5 of almost every category. But like Gostkowski, Crosby will racked up points because of the heavy offense. Since being in the NFL, he’s gotten better in every season. So … look for that trend to continue.

5) Rob Bironas-Tennessee Titans: He just squeezed into the top 5 as it was down to him and Robbie Gould. But with the leg strength, it pushed him over the top. He is a great kicker and the stats will show. I see him getting most of his points on long field goals rather than PAT’s or shorter field goals.

If I were to the top 7 kickers, I would have had Robbie Gould 6th and Matt Bryant 7th.

Next up in fantasy 101 is the top 5 defenses.

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