NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Close To Ceasing Talks For Dwight Howard

By Joshua Casey

For all of those NBA fans out there who aren’t sick of the Dwight Howard drama, which at this point may only be fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, here is a new rumor for you. While a new three-team deal involving the Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Orlando Magic is in the works, it seems as though the Lakers want this matter resolved quickly. The newest rumor floating around is that if this Howard drama is not resolved within the next few weeks, the Lakers will most likely walk away from talks with the Orlando Magic and instead focus on re-signing Andrew Bynum.

With this latest development in the Howard drama it seems that the Lakers, with just about every other NBA fan, is fed up and just wants this matter to be resolved quickly. This new revelation, that the Lakers may be close to walking away from the Howard drama, may be a strategy to get the newest three-team Lakers, Cavs, Magic deal going. It seems as though every rumor that has come out about Howard has been followed by the words, nothing imminent, or not close to a deal. And this may be what the Lakers are sick and tired of.

The new three-team trade rumor does seem to have some legs to it, though as the Cavaliers general manager, Chris Grant, who was attending the Cavaliers summer league games in Vegas, made an unexpected return to Cleveland, and is not expected to return to Las Vegas. This seems to be a step in the right direction for the Howard trade talks, as did the meeting with the Lakers and Magic yesterday that so many people had hoped would lead to a Howard resolution. But this supposed meeting apparently never happened.

Apparently there was no meeting with the Magic, or Howard yesterday, that so many people had talked about, rather the Magic and Lakers front offices discussed, like they have been for weeks now, what it would take to get Howard in a Lakers uniform. The Lakers reportedly are now well aware that the Magic are uninterested in Bynum, and know that they would need a third team to land Howard, thus the the new rumor of a Lakers, Cavs, Magic three-team trade.


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