Who's the Chicago Bears #2 Wide Receiver?

By Chris Wickersham

With training camp about to kick off in less than a week, who will slot on the opposite side of Brandon Marshall? As we all know Marshall is clearly the number 1 receiver. Will Alshon Jeffery or Earl Bennett be the number 2 receiver?

Bennett was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2008 and has only shined thus far. He’s a name that no one hears of, but he only takes the filed and does his job. A report came out that Bennett has the best percentage of non-drop balls, just ahead of Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fritzgerald. Bennett is 6 feet exactly and is only 25 years-old. The height may hurt him at the end, but the Bears are used to small receivers, so you never know. Also, don’t forget about his and Jay Cutler’s connection from their days back to Vanderbilt. Cutler loves Bennttt and was a top target when he came back from injury last year.

Jeffery was a 2nd round pick by the Bears in this year’s draft. The Bears moved up a few slots to draft Jeffery. I don’t think the Bears would have moved up if they didn’t have high hopes for him. Granted, the Bears did not move up a whole lot to draft Jeffery, but still they did. Jeffery does have the height over Bennett and may help him at the end. He is 6 feet, 3 inches and 22 years-old.

I say Jeffery will be the number 2 receiver and slot on the opposite side of Marshall. I love Bennett in the slot and think that’s where he will make his money. He’s not afraid to take a hit and will route right in the middle of the defense. While Jeffery will go deep and jump up for the ball is needed.

So … here’s my depth chart for the wide receivers heading into next season:

#1-Brandon Marshall
#2-Alshon Jeffery
#3-Earl Bennett
#4-Devin Hester
#5-Eric Weems
#6-Devin Thomas

(As you can see I didn’t put Johnny Knox on the depth chart because we just don’t know when he’ll play or if he’ll play next season. So, I decided to just leave him off for now.)

With all this said, training camp and preseason will tell us more on where they will be on the depth chart for the upcoming season!

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