2012 Fantasy Football: Which Chicago Bear is the best Fantasy sleeper?

By alibud69

2012 Fantasy Football: Which Chicago Bears is the best Fantasy sleeper?

The 2012 Fantasy Football season is upon us, and my pick for a fantasy sleeper out of the Chicago Bears is, Mr 3rd down, Earl Bennett, who has a huge opportunity this season to cement himself some great numbers as the slot receiver, and for the reasons I am about to outline should be given serious consideration as a late round fantasy sleeper for your team.

Firstly Jay Cutler and Bennett had developed some nice chemistry before thumb-gate and the Chicago Bears getting Hained. His hands have been commented as some of the best in the league from numerous different analysts, as well as coaches and players at Halas hall, it is hard to argue that Cutler doesn’t trust Bennett, consistently targeting WR on important downs, to make the important catches.

Second it is important to note whilst Cutler was playing for the Denver Broncos in his career season to date, Eddie Royal playing out of the slot (were Bennett is projected to be) put up 91 receptions, for 980 receiving yards, and 5 touchdowns, With Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler reunited after the trade from the Miami Dolphins on the first day of free agency, the added threat that is Devin Hester and the promise he will finally be used correctly, Earl Bennett could be due a solid year.

As a late round punt to nothing, fantasy owners may very well receive the diamond in the rough they are searching for, here is to hoping anyway.

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