NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade Could Be Consummated By The End Of The Week

By Joshua Casey

Alright now stop me if you’ve heard this one before, multiple NBA sources have indicated to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio that they believe that Dwight Howard could be traded by the end of this week. Now, that is a knock at all against Amico, as he is a great journalist, but the recurring news, week in and week out, on whether Howard will or will not get traded, has become quite tedious, and annoying. This is all coming from a die-hard NBA fan, by the way. But, getting back to the Dwightmare.

Although a definite team was not mentioned the team who is being talked about the most as the likeliest landing spot for Howard is the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, like many other people have mentioned, this does not mean that the Lakers are the last team that the Orlando Magic are talking to. In fact, even after Howard’s camp  informed the Houston Rockets not to trade for him, due to the fact that he would simply walk in free agency after the 2012-2013 season, and sign with the Dallas Mavericks, it is being reported that they are still pursuing the All-Star center.

Now while Darryl Morey may seem dumb in doing this, which in my opinion it is an idiotic idea, there is some upside to it. If the Rockets do land Howard, and he sticks to his stance that he will not sign an extension with the Rockets, then the Rockets are now in control of a center that the Lakers, and Brooklyn Nets covet. The Rockets could turn Howard around, and trade him off to the highest bidder between the Lakers and Nets. In my opinion that would be dumb, seeing as how the Rockets could simply facilitate a trade to the Lakers, thus allowing them to acquire Bynum to begin the season. But hey maybe Morey liked the Nets deal more, and would like to keep probably the best center in the NBA away from a conference foe.

Regardless of what Morey does, I don’t think that this Howard drama will end anytime soon. As Amico pointed out in his column, the Magic “may” open up talks between teams again this week. And while Magic GM Rob Hennigan had Howard tell him face-to-face that he still wanted to be traded, Hennigan reportedly is still willing to hold onto Howard until February, and will even set up a face-to-face meeting with newly hired Magic head coach Jacque Vaughn. The details of the meeting, or what the Magic would be trying to accomplish, are unknown at this time.

Hennigan needs to realize that if he does not act fast he will not get anything of significant value for Howard in return. Hennigan has, and apparently will continue, to ask too much for Howard. While Howard is definitely a great player, and someone who can turn a team, or franchise, around instantly, Hennigan needs to realize that a decision, one that was not in his control, has already been made. It’s been made by a man who, at this point, probably has more control over the Magic franchise then he does. That man is Dwight Howard, and his decision is simple, he wants out.


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