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MLB Rumors: Was Melky Cabrera’s Failed Test Leaked Last Month?


Yesterday’s disappointing news of San Francisco Giant Melky Cabrera’s field drug as a result of testosterone use was a punch in the gut to say the least for MLB. Cabrera’s 50-game suspension is a reminder to all baseball fans that the game has not completely detached itself from the so-called steroid era.

It is now also coming out that news of the positive test was leaked in late July. This was something that Melky Cabrera flat out denied at the time. Someone mysteriously posted on twitter that Cabrera violated baseball’s PED policy.

Reporter Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area questioned Cabrera about the leaked steroid report, but then issued an apology column about the questioning. Baggarly reported that Melky asked his agent, the union, and team trainers about the rumor and found that it was untrue. At the time it appeared as though Baggarly jumped the gun or that he did not have his facts right, but now it looks as if he was spot on. We now know that the player was actually going through the appeal process for the positive test and actually lied to the reporter about it.

The player known simply as the “Melk Man” to fans in the bay area is not the good story of hard work and perseverance that we all thought he was. His ascent to being mentioned amongst the top players in the game seemed too good to be true. Maybe now the trade the Kansas City Royals pulled off with the Giants to land Jonathan Sanchez while sending Cabrera out west doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

A baseball diamond full of irony exists in the fact that an ex-New York Yankee and current San Francisco Giant tested positive for PEDs and it wasn’t who we would think it was. Cabrera works out with Alex Rodriguez in the off-season, which looks a little suspicious at this point. The headlines are already scrolling across the internet that a San Francisco Giant outfielder not named Barry Bonds tested positive for PEDs.

It is a shame for the game of baseball that a guy who was such a good story this season, and who won the All Star game MVP award, was using PEDs. The “Melk Man” can say good-bye to a big contract this off-season.

Even though players are still getting caught violating the MLB drug policy, the rising sentiment amongst people around the game was that the sport was cleaning up. Well, after the Cabrera news hit on Tuesday that is not necessarily true anymore is it?