NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Will Be Ready For The Los Angeles Lakers Season Opener

By Joshua Casey

Just when you thought that the Dwight Howard drama was over you now have to deal with reports like the one that I am currently writing. If you are reading this, though you are probably one of three things, 1) a close friend who is being forced to read it by myself, 2) a huge Dwight Howard fan, (even though he forced his way from the Orlando Magic like a big baby), or 3) a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. But I digress.

Now getting back to the Dwight Howard injury news. Renowned Dr. Robert C. Klapper, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Group and Cedars-Sinai Health Associates, was recently interviewed on the Mason and Ireland show on ESPN L.A 710. The main topic brought up by Mason and Ireland was the health situation of Howard’s back, specifically whether or not he will be able to open the season with the Lakers on October 30th when they face the Dallas Mavericks at Staples Center.

Since the interview was so long I highlighted the key four points that any Lakers fan would like to know.

1. Dr. Klapper stated that Howard should be back in All-Star form once the season begins October 30th. Dr.Klapper has held this stance for awhile now and will not move away from it one bit. The reason Dr. Klapper holds this, not popular, opinion is that the surgery, rehab, and recovery time are all pretty forthright. Dwight’s surgery occurred on April 20th, 2012, recovery time for said surgery is four months, which would put the date at which Dwight could begin working out again at August 20th, 2012, just a few days ago. And, if I recall correctly, just a few days ago pictures started to surface of Howard working out at UCLA.

2. The second very important point that Dr. Klapper made is one that opened up many people’s eyes, mine included. Mostly everyone believes that Howard suffered this season ending injury on a huge blow involving basketball activity, whether it be practice, or a game. But Dr. Klapper believes that the injury was in fact a result of the lingering effects of Howard having missed only a handful of game sover a seven year period. Dr. Klapperpointed out that once the procedure is fixed correctly, which it was as the surgery was successful, then thereshould not be any long-term effects.

3. The third point that Dr. Klapper made is short and to the point, Howard should be paying more attention to his core strengthening, adding in more exercises to target this specific area, thus relieving pressure from his back.

4. The fourth and last point was something that some Laker fans may not want to hear. Dr. Klapper stated that any surgery, not just the one that Howard had done, will cause the patient to have a full year of recovery time until they feel fully normal again. But, Dr. Klapper also added that this should in no way have any affect on Howard’s athleticism, speed, back strength, or the way in which he plays basketball. Dr. Klapper finished off the interview by insinuating that, unlike Andrew Bynum, Howard will not be playing in fear of yet another back injury, in the case of Bynum it was his knees, this upcoming season.


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