John Wall Lighting Up Vegas Lock Out League

By Living Baseball

According to NBC, John Wall is lighting up the Vegas lock out league. His last outing? 42 points…9 assists…8 boards. That’s not to shabby for the former first round pick.

Okay look- before anyone anoints him King Wall, or Prince Wall the III or anything relating to royalty let’s keep in mind…this is a street ball league with probably worse defense than the New York Knicks. Yes there are a few NBA players playing but at the same time- it’s all entertainment based. No one really cares about denying the basketball when you can let someone blow past you, do a 360 tomahawk jam from the free throw line to get the crowd goin!.

Still, those are impressive numbers by a very good and fast coming point guard who should be able to make an all star team or two before it’s said and done.

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