Ohio High School Football Player Hides Tacks in his Gloves

By Jeff Shull

I love reading crazy stories like this. Apparently a high school football player in Ohio decided to take something out on the opposing team when he put tacks in his gloves.

You might be thinking “man it must have hurt to get tackled by this guy” or “wow did he hit people while under a pile or something?” Nope.

The guy didn’t even play, he got his laughs while shaking hands with the opponents after the game. Police had to respond.

“We walked across the 50 yard line and supposedly one of the guys had tacks in his glove. Nobody knew about it. I was far back enough in the line that everyone started to turn around and I got out of the way,” said Michael Aeh, a McClain football player.

“Officials said 27 football players had their hands punctured after they congratulated the winning team from Washington Court House. They felt the pain of it when it occurred and they thought maybe they had hit a nerve or something. Then some of them immediately looked at their hands and saw blood,” said Dr. Dan Strain, McClain High School principal.”

I always wonder what’s going through the mind of an idiot like this. How hilarious is it that the kid didn’t even play? I mean he probably got all jacked up and bragged about it to his friends and then didn’t even see the field.

According to NBC Sports, who broke the story, all 27 kids who got stuck had to get tetanus shots. I guess that’s a victory for this idiot?

Easily the best part about this story is the kid played for a school called Washington Court House.

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