Terry Francona Receives Job Offer

By Patrick Erickson

It didn’t take long for a team to offer their manager job to recently ousted Red Sox manager Terry Francona.

Immediately after Francona parted ways with Boston the Laconia Muskrats (18-24, lost in championship series) of the New England Collegiate Baseball League faxed his agent a job offer.

Starting pay? How about $6,000 a year. Now that might not seem like a lot for a guy who recently made millions, but wait until you see the benefits. And we aren’t talking about health insurance.

Aside from the cash stipend Francona has been offered the following benefits: a free parking spot; 25% off at a local burrito restaurant; a free gym membership; and a whopping 25 tokens for a local arcade.

If Francona decides he needs more, perhaps that can be increased to 100 tokens. So far Francona has not responded to the offer.

There is also no word if the arcade gives out tickets that can be redeemed for fabulous prizes.

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