Tommy Rees's Sister Arrested For Brawling With Purdue Students on Saturday

By Riley Schmitt

(Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the story and the photo)

Notre Dame got off to a rocky start this year.  However, they have started to turn it around and have won three straight.  The winning streak was punctuated by a 38-10 drubbing of in-state rival Purdue on Saturday.  Tommy Rees has proven to be a much better quarterback than Dayne Crist and the Irish could make some noise late in the year.  If you are a member of the Rees family, how do you celebrate his success?  By getting drunk and brawling in the student section of your opponent, of course.

Meghan Rees was arrested at around 8:30 local time on Saturday.  She had been causing fights with the Purdue students and they finally had enough of it.  Public intoxication was the charge Rees received and the photo certainly doesn’t dispute that.   That’s not exactly the way I would be celebrating a win, but more power to Meghan.  However, this does confirm the theory that nearly all Notre Dame fans are obnoxious to the point that you want to fight them.

I wonder how Rees plans on celebrating if Notre Dame manages to beat Stanford this year.  I would be quite worried if I were in attendance of that game.  If Rees brawls with fans for beating an overmatched Purdue team, think of the carnage she’d cause when Notre Dame actually beats a good team.

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