NCAA – Oregon’s Donald Duck “Retro” Jersey Tacky, Cal Golden Bears Look Sharp In Alternate White Helmets.

By Robert D. Cobb

The University Of Oregon has never shied away from pushing the envelope when it comes to athletic gear, whether it is a forest-inspired basketball court to the 384 uniform combinations that its explosive football team can wear on the gridiron, the Ducks have brought style to the NCAA football field.

During their 43-15 win over the Cal Golden Bears, the Ducks showed off their new “retro” jerseys, which were provided by Nike and would feature shoulder pad logos of the Oregon Duck mascot on each side.

The uniform which is a dark lime green with bright yellow font lettering and numbers. The jerseys also feature a yellow “Fighting Ducks” script across the top of the chest numbers.

One neat little quirk is the number “2,790” inscribed on the back collar area which refers to the number of push-ups that Puddles, the Oregon Duck mascot did last year in 2010.

Overall, the jersey is another obvious ploy from Oregon to make more money off of merchandising and perhaps if the team lives up to the off-the-field style on the field and win a BCS championship—let alone a BCS bowl game— then these jerseys wouldn’t be considered a touch above a college knock-off of Donald Duck’s Pee Wee sponsored team.

As for Cal, even though they were on the losing end of the contest, they managed to win points for style. Cal would debut white helmets for the first time in their 125-year football history.

The helmet which is a base white with a “Cal” script in blue and accented in gold, had a bear claw print at the back of the helmet and a dark blue stripe tapering from the tip of the bear claw at the base to a narrow point at the crown of the helmet.

Overall the look, was traditional Cal conservative and yet sharp at the same type, the white helmet matched the away uniforms perfectly.

It reminded me of the past—and current—white helmets worn by the NFL San Diego Chargers, as the white was simply a touch of class.

Hopefully, the mad scientists up at the Nike lab in Eugene can teach the Ducks a few things about class AND style.

Oregon Ducks “retro” uniform – C-

Cal Golden Bears white helmet – A+

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