Video: Islanders Cheerleader Wipes Out During News Segment

By Dan Parzych

The New York Islanders will kick off their 2011-12 regular season against the Florida Panthers on Saturday night as they look to bounce back from a disappointing 2010-11 campaign in which they finished at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. As a way to get fans ready for the upcoming season, Fox 5 in New York decided to interview the Islanders cheerleaders–which didn’t end well for one of them.

In the video above, one of the Islanders cheerleaders completely wipes out on to the ice while preparing for Saturday’s big game. The funny thing is the reporter in the video was interviewing another member of the squad the entire time and the cameraman happened to focus in on this girl for the first time during the segment right before she fell–so it was pretty unlucky on her end.

As if this wasn’t already embarrassing enough, the girl couldn’t have felt better about the whole thing when the Fox 5 anchors in the studio took the time to Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the tip on the video.

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