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Hank Williams Jr. Attacks Fox, ESPN in New Song

Hank Williams Jr. has found himself in the news a lot recently.  First, his interview on “Fox & Friends” caused controversy when it was inferred that Williams compared Barack Obama to Hitler.  Although that wasn’t exactly the case, the resulting anger led to ESPN getting rid of Williams’s song for their Monday Night Football intro.  After being a part of MNF for 22 years, Williams hasn’t taken the dismissal lightly.

The Chicago Tribune has the story here.  Williams Jr. has recorded a new song and plans to have it up on iTunes later today or tomorrow.  Williams wrote and recorded the song on Friday and it takes several shots at both Fox and ESPN.  Williams Jr. pushes for television viewers to not watch Fox or ESPN in retaliation for his dismissal.  Williams has also begun selling “Hank Jr. for President” shirts.

I didn’t agree with the dismissal of Williams Jr. at all.  His comments were twisted around to make him look bad.  He tried to make an analogy, but the people at Fox misunderstood his meaning.  I’m glad to see Williams Jr. standing up for his First Amendment rights and I hope this new song turns out to be popular.

Do you think Williams Jr. was unfairly dismissed or was his firing justified?  Let us know in the comments section.