Video: Mountain Biker Gets Taken Out By Antelope in South Africa

By Dan Parzych

The sports world has seen plenty of bizarre injuries–but nothing tops this injury suffered by a mountain biker when he was drilled by a Red Hartebeest in South Africa.

Brandon Wenerd of provided this video of South African mountain biker Evan van der Spuy and his experience with a Red Hartebeest during a recent race at the Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve. As you can see, the Red Hartebeest drills Wenerd at full speed and completely knocks him to the ground–but he appears to be alright and gets up just fine.

There have been plenty of interesting stories as to why athletes have been unable to finish a race–but nothing tops the story Spuy has after this incident. Honestly–how many people can say they’ve been able to avoid a serious injury after getting trucked by a Red Hartebeest while riding your bike?

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