Tom Waddle Says “There is No Place in the Game for Brandon Meriweather”

Football is a violent sport.  People are going to get hurt.  The NFL has done its share to protect players from concussions over the past couple of years and I applaud their effort.  However, some players haven’t gotten the message.  While most of the hits that draw fines are due to something accidental, one player stands out for his blatant disregard for the rules.  That man is Brandon Meriweather, who was a starting safety for the Bears until being benched earlier this week.

Tom Waddle is now a radio host on ESPN 1000 in chicago. Before that, he was a wideout for the Bears.  Waddle suffered plenty of head to head hits in his career and he disagrees with how Meriweather plays the game.  Below are some select quotes from his spiel.

“What Brandon does is he leads with his helmet all the time. There’s no place in the game, brother, at this particular time for that. It’s vicious enough. And when your intent, in my humble opinion, is to hurt or maim, I’ve got no time for you, and I don’t think the game’s got any place for you.”

That section tells it all.  Meriweather is a former Pro Bowler, but that’s not the whole story.  He constantly launches himself at players.  The play up above is clearly a dirty play by Meriweather.  The play was over and he launched him self, helmet first, at Nate Burleson.  He escaped penalty on that play, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t get a call from Roger Goodell.

You can’t eliminate all helmet to helmet hits.  The game moves too fast.   What the NFL can do is eliminate plays where the contact was deliberate.  If he keeps his style up, Meriweather’s recklessness might push him out of the league for good.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the story.  The quotes are taken from ESPN Chicago.


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